quinta-feira, 25 de maio de 2017

Henry Coxwell

Glenn Ford

Published in 1988 by the Eastern National Park and Monument Association of Eastham, MA, this is the journal of Betsey Augusta Penniman, wife of the whaling captain Edward Penniman of Eastham, MA. She started the journal when she was 26 an continued it during a 4 year voyage on the whaling bark Minerva.

Franz Liszt - Grand Galop Chromatique

quarta-feira, 24 de maio de 2017

Vladimir Nabokov

THE CONCHOLOGIST'S FIRST BOOK: A system of Testaceous Malacology, arranged expressly for the use of schools, in which the animals, according to Cuvier, are given with the shells, a great number of new species added, and the whole brought up, as accurately as possible, to the present condition of the science. By Edgar A[llan] Poe . with illustrations of two hundred and fifteen shells, presenting a correct type of each genus.

Robert Morley

Charles Laughton

Margaret Rutherford

A Fish in Her Kettle

A Coarse Acting sketch (inspired by the Feydeau farce A Flea in Her Ear) written and directed by David Pearson (stage name David Barnaby). which won the best script prize in the World Coarse Acting Championship at the Questors Theatre in 1980, organised by Michael Green, the author of the best selling book The Art of Coarse Acting.

(…) a hilarious exploration of the art of coarse acting…that is performances which are deliberately designed to be prolifically bad on every level!!  Michael Green spent years during the sixties with various Am Dram companies. He closely observed the calamitous situations which said companies could helplessly fall into. As a result he wrote the brilliant book – Coarse Acting.